Isn’t filmmaking all about the performance?
From enormous sets with hundreds of extras, lots of actors and multiple camera’s, to small crews jammed in an even smaller room with only one actor. From exotic locations, wide landscapes to right around your neighbourhood. From 12-page dialogue scenes to just 1 line that says it all.

It all comes down to capturing the perfect performance.
But not only that, it is our mission to elevate the sound of the performance to a higher level. By recording sound(s) in a certain way, we strive to achieve the most direct emotional connection from the screen to the audience.

We have a strong responsibility towards the director and the actors to get it right on set. Through careful preproduction, meticulous work on set and an extensive follow-up during postproduction, we make sure that the director’s vision of the soundtrack is achieved all through the project.





Lieven & Marijn



Lieven Verbraeken has been working as a boom operator for more than 10 years on feature films and TV shows, both national and international.

Marijn Thijs has been a sound mixer for 10 years on projects big and small, all around the world.



From enriching the sound of voices, through careful microphone selecting, to “keeping it real”. From the subtlest of nature sounds to the loudest of explosions.
We bring our own unique style to recording sound in the best way to suit the story.
We own an extensive equipment package that can be tailored to suit your productions needs. Rate card and equipment list are available on request

Tytgat Chocolat




  • Type: 10 pt Television Serie
  • Director: Filip Lenaerts, Mark Bryssinck
  • Prod. Comp: De Mensen
  • Sound Engineer: Marijn Thijs
  • Boom Opp: Lieven Verbraeken, Lieven Callens, Ben Debremaeker
  • Sound Assistant: Heleen van de Wyngaert

Jasper Vloemans werkt als inpakker bij het Vlaamse chocoladebedrijf Tytgat Chocolat. Daar wordt hij verliefd op één van zijn collega's: Tina, een meisje van Kosovaarse afkomst. Wanneer Tina plots uitgewezen wordt naar haar land van herkomst, reizen haar vrienden haar achterna, aangevoerd door de dolverliefde Jasper.
Met in de hoofdrollen Jelle Palmaerts, Jan Goris, Mira Bryssinck, Jason Van Laere, Gert Wellens, Peter Janssens, Wim Opbrouck, Marc Van Eeghem, Els Dottermans, Frank Focketyn, Mieke De Groote, Jan Decleir en Flor Decleir.

De reeks werd geschreven en geregisseerd door Filip Lenaerts en Marc Bryssinck, artistiek directeur van Theater STAP.


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